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3D Digital Model

3 shape Model Builder™ lets technicians design lab models for many indications, directly from TRIOS® digital impression scans, 3rd party intraoral scans, and physical impression scans.
An intraoral or impression dental scanner is used to scan the inside of a patient’s mouth, capturing a point cloud model of the teeth. This point cloud model is then used to create a 3D CAD/CAM model file, and the working model is built using 3D Systems' 3D Printing technology.

3D printed working models are extremely accurate and reduce the model-making process time, resulting in less need for skilled labor and significant cost savings.

Custom individual abutment

Narrow down your choices to find the best fit patient-specific implant abutments.

1. Custom abutments give technicians more control over esthetics and support. Technicians can create an ideal emergence profile that promotes healthy tissue development and to place margins uniformly below the gingiva.

2. The use of a custom abutment allows corrections to be made in angulation with anatomical structure for better support and crown retention.
3. Every implant manufacturer would prefer to be the sole supplier of stock and custom implant abutments. Today,a number of third-party companies offer stock abutments and parts compatible with the factory implants.This is custom abutment.

4. 3Shape and Dental Wings offer open-architecture scanners with optional abutment design modules.

5. It  provides a custom solution for the price of a stock abutment.